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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baseball Umpire Apparel and Equipment

One of our favorite times of year is Spring. Not just because of the Final Four or Spring training, but its from the buzz that the umpires provide our site and staff. Umps are a special breed that takes their job very seriously.

Every year they are searching for the newest technology in Baseball Umpire Equipment. When looking for Umpire Shirts or pants, including Combo and Plate Pants, we have found that Umps like to wear the apparel they have been happy with in the past and when they are not happy with a certain brand referrals and Reviews from other Umpires are used in helping make their decisions.

We try and stay in touch with Umps and manufactures and listen to what they say so that we can provide the equipment and apparel that the best of the best want.

To that end we have come up with a selection from about 5 manufactures and 2 apparel lines

We carry Smitty and Teamwork Athletics Umpire Apparel including Shirts, Ump Jackets and a complete line of Umpire pants. The shirts are available in many color combinations and with and without pocket.
The pants Come Pleated or without Pleats, and are available as Plate , Base or Combo Pant style. Our Long sleeve Jackets are very popular for the early spring games.

Our biggest selling Umpire Masks and Chest Protectors are manufactured by Diamond and Champro Sports. When it comes to the newest technology at affordable pricing we have found these brands consistently rank near or at the top.

Both carry the latest technology in Lightweight and Featherweight Umpire Masks as well as Breathable "body armor" style chest protectors.

When Looking for Umpire equipment and you want friendly customer service , Discount Prices, and a good selection....Please check out Sportsfan Outlet for all of you Umpire gear needs


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