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Thursday, September 27, 2012

NFL Referees Back and College Football Gears Up

The NFL referees are back to work and it could not be soon enough for NFL Fans Coaches and Players. After the debacle during the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks game the NFL owners cam back to the table to get the deal done.  Some of the teams that look strong during the first few weeks of the season include the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans. While 2 other teams remain winless the 0 and 3 New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns.Just remember the season is young and every year there are teams that start off hot and falter, as well as teams that start off week and gain momentum.

Even though the college season is just starting there have been some great match ups that usually do not happen until later in the season. We look at several teams now ranked at 5 or below, that we think have a shot at winning their Conferences and possibly a National BCS Championship. The Kansas State Wildcats have risen in the ranks from being ranked 25 to now 7. # 10 Notre Dame looks strong with wins over Big 10 ranked teams Michigan and Michigan State. #8Stanford and #5 Georgia have also had some  good wins against top ranked teams and now lurk to enter one of the top spots in the polls

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